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Music Publishing


Songwriters have never before had access to the amount of income streams that is now available to them. Downloads, physical sales, radio play, streams, youtube, live performances, synchronisation etc. We will track all uses of your songs all over the world and make sure you get paid accurately and quickly.



We will register your songs with all appropriate collection societies around the world ensuring that your data is delivered promptly and accurately. 



Royalty Collection

We will collect your royalties from all sources including online sales, radio play, live performances, physical sales, TV and film syncs, Youtube using their Content ID system, and any other future way your songs might be used or purchased.

We will also collect from other worldwide territories through our robust partnership with a mainstream publisher, avoiding smaller Christian sub publishers, meaning our % of net receipts is often worth a lot more.

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We want to see a new generation  of songwriters impacting lives with the songs they bring. To do this at ARKYARD we believe business should be simple, with community being vital, so that writers can be great.



We will look to exploit your copyrights and masters using the partnership ARKYARD has with its mainstream Music Sync company. We want our writers to have the best chance at seeing their work used in the areas of TV and film.




We will collect revenue worldwide direct from CCLI so that you don't have a chunk of commission taken through another sub publisher in the other territories, including the USA. 



The Deal

We believe your songs should always belong to you. So we will never ask to sign your songs for life of copyright. We just look after them for you for a short term of 3 years, and if you don't like it you are free to leave after your term. 

We will charge a competitive 15% administration commission on collecting your royalties worldwide, we will only ever ask for more if we put the work in and procure other uses of your copyrights.