From the start, lz7 has kept a relevance and honesty about their music which comes from a heart that sees the best in young people.


The band draw on experiences from their own lives which give the listener a deeper perspective of where they come from, what they are all about and where they are heading with their music. Lz7 includes many faces so you might see a different set of our family at each show.

As always, lindz is at the front of lz7, with saint louis & a brand new lz7 member & light artist lily jo. We also have a set of uber talented singers and musicians, such as jorgy & andy, who join us at different shows.

The ‘aftershow’ album is the current move in a multi-year project which has seen lz7 steadily build their following. Shazam recently blogged on their website, “lz7 started real underground about six years ago when they were working with high schools and young offender institutes, inspiring young people to use music, emceeing, dj-ing and production as an outlet of creativity.” The band told verge magazine, “we found the more high schools we visited, the more popular our music got. To the point in 2010 when we independently released our first single which reached no. 26 in the official uk chart. This was the launchpad for us. We then went on to release another single in 2012 which reached no. 12 and more recently the ‘#aftershow’ single, released in the summer of 2013, which shot to no. 5 in the uk dance chart as well as charting at no. 3 in holland and no. 5 in the swiss & german official charts.”

Lz7 took a bold step and launched their own label, ‘light music’, and have manufactured and distributed the latest album without the muscle of a major label. But, they’ve only just got started!!