Annastasia Baker


Annastasia Baker is a UK based Gospel, Inspirational, Soul singer and performing artist. She has featured as a contestant at judge’s houses on X Factor UK and was the winner, by public vote, of the 3rd Series of Time2Shine, the UK’s biggest gospel talent quest show.

Annastasia Baker

In Mandeville, capital of the parish of Manchester, in the county of Middlesex, Jamaica, on the 18th November 1988 a unique star was born! Growing up in London, England, as the eldest of 4 children, it soon became self-evident that Annastasia Baker was born to sing.

From an early age Annastasia embraced her God-given talent with a drive and “stickability”, overcoming setbacks public and private, only to rise up every time with growing strength and resolve. Always with her eye on the prize, yet remaining true to her craft and core values has proven to be very inspirational.

Oblivious to the back-story, her public have come to appreciate and embrace Annastasia for being the supreme interpreter of song that she is today.

This South London based singing phenomena grew up in an era of concert videos and talent shows. Annastasia recalls her video diet of Tina Turner and Whitney Houston performances, devoured from within her parent’s extensive audio-visual collection. She has profound memories of the music room at home as a child, where her multi-instrumentalist father would sing and play, embracing various musical genres. He sang in a gospel harmony group.

Growing up steeped in music and attracted by the then emerging television talent contests, Annastasia saw these as a viable platform through which to reach out and touch the many with her musical and vocal talent. She vowed that when she was old enough she would audition for the X Factor.

During primary school Annastasia sang with her school choir, even appearing with them at the Royal Albert Hall on occasion. Whether as a serial performer at award ceremonies for organisations like the Jack Petchey Foundation or taking part in various local talent contests; Annastasia began to develop her stagecraft and appetite for performing live in front of large audiences in many theatres and venues across London.

Annastasia was savvy enough to recognise that raw talent is a blessing, but in order to develop her craft and successfully combine technical ability and creative nuances in her performance, she also attended Vocal Tech music school.

Annastasia kept her promise to herself and in 2008 made it into the top six girls in the judges round of the X Factor UK. In 2010 she once again made it into the judges round.

Gospel, inspirational and soul music have always been at the core of Annastasia’s musical makeup. In 2013, a new television talent quest, one based in gospel music, caught her attention. That year she auditioned and by public vote, won the live final of the 3rd season of Time2Shine, the UK’s leading gospel talent search. Her faith, her values and her vocals came together as one defining persona and the public loved her for it.

Annastasia has a wealth of life skills to call upon as she continues on her upward trajectory as a vocal artist. From a young age she was a keen practitioner in artistic and sporting endeavour. At age 14 she was commissioned to create artwork, which still displays in the children’s ward of Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Annastasia has been a high achieving athlete, a sprint hurdler who ran for Cambridge Harriers athletics club and was Bexley sprint hurdles champion for 3 consecutive years.

It is music however that has remained the constant throughout her life. “Annastasia Baker’s dedication to singing is unchallengeable, her talent is undeniable and there for all to see, as she goes from strength to strength, gathering new fans and garnering critical acclaim. As rooted as her musical repertoire is, Annastasia has the talent and scope to crossover into all musical genres with true artistic integrity and appeal”.

With an already impressive presence across YouTube and social media, Annastasia continues to build her fan base. On Christmas Eve 2013 Annastasia launched the video to her newly released single “First Love”. The year 2014 will see her release her first album as well as undertake live national and international appearances. This will include a return performance date in the Caribbean.

What was to come, following her first appearance in the Caribbean, in Mandeville on that November day…who knew?